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Carbon neutral solutions  

Vitapus offers carbon neutral solutions for businesses and individuals. Become carbon neutral today and take responsibility for your climate impact.

Vitapus finances sustainable projects that aim to reduce the emission of greenhouse gasses. This is done through the purchase of our carbon offsets. One carbon offset represents a reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent.

Products for corporations

Corporate carbon neutral Facebook page

Be a part of the innovative environmental project “Go Green on Facebook” and take a social responsibility for the thousands of tons of CO2 yearly emitted by Facebook and its users. By investing in sustainable projects that result in measurable carbon dioxide reductions, your company will be given the opportunity to achieve a carbon neutral Facebook page. Lead the effort against global warming and achieve a green business profile that will help induce positive customer attitudes towards your company.

Participation includes:

  •      Carbon neutral Facebook page
  •      Certificate of participation
  •      Links to your website from our websites
  •      A green business profile
  •      Publicity on our social web pages
  •      Icon for your website (adjustable in colors and size)
  •      Marketing material

Carbon neutralize your company's Facebook page

Starting at 162 €

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Products for individuals

Carbon neutral Facebook page

Neutralize the carbon emissions from one year’s use of Facebook – 100 % green socialization.

Not many people think about the climate impact of using Facebook. Facebook emits a total 528,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) per year and currently has 1,550,000,000 members and rising. Join our “Go Green on Facebook” project and take responsibility for a better, greener future. Through sustainable projects and investments in renewable energy, your use of Facebook and its related CO2 emissions will be neutralized year after year. As part of this project, you will be able to share your participation on social media, inspiring others to tread in your footsteps.

Participation includes:

  •      CO2 neutral usage of Facebook
  •      Certificate of participation
  •      A logo to personalize your profile picture
  •      Green presence 
  •      A Facebook cover photo
  •      The chance to share your actions on social media
  •      A personal page on vitapus.com

Carbon neutralize your personal Facebook page

21 € per year

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Carbon neutral

Choose your own impact

Did you know that the average carbon emission per capita in the US is 17 tons? When driving your car, watching television, making a cup of coffee, or talking on the phone with your loved ones, you are engaging in activities that require energy, and that energy comes at a price. Below we have collected examples of CO2 emissions, to give you an overview of how much CO2 you can neutralize to make a difference. Be Carbon neutral today.

What you will get:.

  •      Neutralized the wanted amount of CO2
  •      A personal certificate
  •      An individual ID number
  •      A personal page on vitapus.com
  •      The chance to share your actions on social media


The average annual carbon emission per person (metric tonnes)

carbon neutral

Choose your own impact once or monthly

17 € per ton

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Gift certificate

Surprise someone you love with a unique and environmentally conscious gift.

Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and birthdays; all examples of special occasions when a Vitapus gift certificate can be given to friends and family. Choose how much CO2 you want neutralized in the other person’s name. Is there anything better than doing something good for others? Vitapus gift certificate – supporting a good cause for someone you love.

What you will get:

  •      Neutralized the wanted amount of CO2
  •      A personal certificate to the recipient of the gift certificate
  •      An individual ID number
  •      A personal page on vitapus.com

Gift certificate

17 € per ton

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