CO2 neutral Facebook page

Vitapus believes very strongly in corporate social responsibility, which is why we cooperate and participate in different CSR related initiatives.

Vitapus makes it possible for businesses and individuals to take responsibility for their climate impact. Among other things, Vitapus makes Facebook pages, shipping and transport CO2 neutral. Vitapus is of course a part of our own CSR project, therefore we have a CO2 neutral Facebook page.

The Facebook page is made CO2 neutral through our investments in CO2 reducing  sustainable projects. All these CO2 reducing projects is verified by Gold Standard, founded by WWF.

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CO2 neutral websites

Even though Vitapus is a part of our own CSR initiative, we wish to support and participate in different initiatives which is why we have signed up to be a part of CO2 Neutral Websites initiative. This initiative has many common features with Vitapus.

When we participate in CO2 Neutral Websites initiative, they make sure that our websites are CO2 neutral. They make sure that the amount of CO2 that is emitted through servers from websites and it’s visitors use of computers, will be CO2 neutralized through investments in CO2 reducing projects.


Partner in Fairtrade By Odense

Vitapus is a partner in the CSR initiative, Fairtrade By Odense. A concept for municipalities that wishes to cooperate with business on ethical consumptions.

Vitapus has it’s residence in Odense, so it felt natural to support this initiative and help to focus more on Fairtrade. Therefore all coffee and tea consumed at Vitapus, is of course Fairtrade certified.



Vitapus participate in the corporate social responsibility project by CSR-Mærket. As a company it is very important for us to act responsible and support communities all around the world.

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Vitapus has also joined the CSR initiative “MiljøvenligPakning” At Vitapus we’re conscious about how we take use of our earth resources. Therefore Vitapus is a paperless business, which means all invoices, certificates etc. is online

With our participation we want to spread the word, on how small changes on packaging  can have a big impact on the environment.


New CSR initiatives

Vitapus will continuously select and support different CSR projects and initiatives which are in correlation with our values at Vitapus.

Besides the above mentioned initiatives, it is in our interest to join cooperations where we together can make a difference for societies and our future.