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About Vitapus

Carbon offsets

Vitapus make it possible for individuals and businesses to take action and simultaneously inspire other people to help make a difference by buying our carbon offsets and sharing their climate actions on social media platforms. (One carbon offset represents a reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide equivalent).



Vitapus invest in sustainable projects that result in real quantifiable and permanent greenhouse gas emission reductions. These projects are third-party verified against objective and transparent standards.

The projects vary, from efficient cook stove distribution in developing countries, as well as sustainable forest conservation, and erection of renewable energy such as wind farms. All of these carbon offsets help lowering, avoiding, or sequestering greenhouse gas emissions.

Quality assurance

Our carbon offsets have been third-party verified using objective, credible and transparent standards.

Check out the links below and see the project protocols used to verify our carbon offsets:

Gold Standard

Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)

The Vitapus team

Emil Jørgensen and Jakob Skovvang Nielsen founded Vitapus with the hope of creating a greener and more sustainable world. Attending Tietgen Business College in Odense, Denmark in 2010, Emil Jørgensen and fellow students participated in a Young Enterprise event where the first idea to an environmental project arose. Several years later Emil and Jakob were talking about man-made climate-changes, and their talk quickly turned to their long-forgotten school project. Perhaps they could revive their project and do their part for a better tomorrow? The result; Vitapus – the sales of carbon offsets that come from investing in sustainable projects all over the world.

Emil Jørgensen

Emil Jørgensen

Co-founder and President

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Jakob Skovvang Nielsen

Jakob Skovvang Nielsen


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Contact info Vitapus Phone: +45 30 55 56 11 Email: [email protected] VAT: DK37542008

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