Become CO2 neutral 

Vitapus offers a line of different CO2 neutral solutions. Vitapus is a unique platform that allows businesses and individuals to take action for their environmental impact. Vitapus offers among other things carbon offsetting. Carbon offsetting make it possible to become CO2 neutral.

Businesses have the opportunity to participate in the green initiative “Go Green On Facebook”. Participants in this initiative makes their Facebook page CO2 neutral.

Participation includes:

  •      Certificate of participation
  •      Icon for your website (adjustable in colors and size)
  •      Links to your website from our websites
  •      And much more

Our products

Corporate CO2 neutral FB page 

Be a part of the innovative environmental project “Go Green on Facebook” and take social responsibility for the thousands of tons of CO2 yearly emitted by Facebook and its users.

Personal CO2 neutral FB page

Through sustainable projects and investments in renewable energy, your personal use of Facebook and its related CO2 emissions will be neutralized year after year. 100 % green socialization.

CO2 neutral

Choose your own impact and decide how many metric tons of CO2 you would like to neutralize. Click read more to see how much CO2 you need to neutralize to become carbon neutral.

Gift Certificate

Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanzaa, and birthdays; all examples of special occasions when a Vitapus gift certificate can be given to friends and family. Fight climate change on behalf of your loved ones.

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